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Gray Kitten in the Town Square

Rehoming Beautiful Kittens

A little bit about our goals and mission in re-homing kittens...  We enjoy working with and caring for the American shorthaired kittens specifically, but also longhaired kittens of different colors, whether shorthaired, longhaired, calico, tabby, or tuxedo.    Whether we take in homeless kittens or whether they come from our own feline family, our goal is to make sure they are in good health, and give them the needed deworming, vaccinations, and treatments for any fleas, ticks, ear mites, etc.  We also invest in high quality nutritional feed, supplements, and immune boosters.   We spend lots of time socializing our kittens, ensuring they are prepared to go to their new homes.   We are passionate  about the health and comfort of the kittens and are concerned the kittens go to good homes.  We would be happy to hear from you if you are looking to provide a good home to a kitten that would be a good fit for you or your household. 

Available Kittens

June 2022

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tuxedo kitten for sale
tuxedo kitten for sale


Tuxedo kitten
tuxedo kitten for sale

Oliver is a beautiful Tuxedo kitten that is friendly, easy going and loves attention.  He is a little "purr-machine", will come up to you and try to crawl onto you to be cuddled.  He is approximately 12 weeks old and is litter-boxed trained. He does well inside or outside, but especially enjoys being inside in his own space with his human friends.   He would love to meet you!



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Meet Zoe, a beautiful, gray and white kitten!   Zoe is a friendly, loving, playful kitten that does well both indoors and outdoors.   You'll find her actively playing with her siblings, or entertaining herself with a toy,  or lounging on the easy chair taking her cat nap.   She's litterbox trained, dewormed, and free of any fleas, ticks, ear mites, etc.     We don't have much information on her parents since she's an adopted kitten that we are rehoming, but she is approximately 9 weeks old and well socialized.  She is a personable kitten and would adapt quickly to a new home.

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Luna is a beautiful, luxurious, satin black kitten.  She soaks up your attention and loves when you rub your hand across her soft, regal fur.   She's friendly and purrs constantly when being held or petted.  She does well living with other kittens and is used to dogs as well.  She's been dewormed, litter box trained, will have all the needed vaccinations, and has been treated for any potential fleas, ticks, or ear mites.   She is approximately 11 weeks old - mature enough to be somewhat independent, but young enough to still be playful.  She will make a wonderful pet, whether indoors or out.  She would love to meet some new friends!




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