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Brooke's Puppies

Check back later for Brooke's Puppies.

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Meet our energetic, alert girl, Bella.  This puppy is ready to play, to lick your face, wiggle in your arms and tell you how happy she is to meet you.  As with all her siblings, she is hypoallergenic (doesn't shed) and makes a wonderful addition to a family, a couple, or just one on one with a loyal companion. 

Goldie's Pups

Goldie's cuties

Piper's Puppies

Piper's puppy pictures being added this week! Check back in a day or two for her cute curly puppies!

Pink Sugar

More litters on the way from our beautiful Mini-Goldendoodle girls. Please contact us if you'd like to be on the waiting list for a puppy of your choice. 

A very important aspect of development of puppies is the early socialization.  Here at Stone Barn Pets, we spend an incredible amount of time with our puppies to ensure they get plenty of exercise and adapt well to their human family as happy, friendly, and socialized puppies.

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